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Export & Shipping

Est. in 1999, Open Hand manufactures, exports and retails high quality Indian-made textiles and handicrafts, and operates medium to high end cafés and bistros in India. Open Hand operates on the conviction that business has the potential to transform society, and operates in such a way as to intentionally empower underprivileged people in India by operating ethically, providing fair wages and training, and contributing to social causes.

Open Hand has and continues to manufacture & export fairly traded products to eight countries in four continents: Chile, the United States, Canada, Spain, the UK, Netherlands, Germany and South Africa. Some of these customers make regular orders, while others make large orders on an occasional basis. These customers are typically high income and sophisticated in taste, have a strong social conscience, and some are retail designers. Because Open Hand operates on fair trade principles, the company’s products are particularly attractive to a growing socially conscious customer segment in the West.

Open Hand not only provides customized product design along with our design & production team, but we also encourage our customers to be part of the manufacturing & shipping process, honoring your input and preferences from production to landing in port.
As part of production we provide export & shipping services, handling your shipment from door to door and port to port.

We handle on behalf of our clients all tags, branding, packaging, shipping bills and tracking of shipments.

For more information about production, shipping or export please contact or

"Open Hand has the potential to transform societies, empower the poor by operating ethically, providing fair wages and training, and to contribute significantly to social causes."