OpenHand Café & Shop Leh

Coffee at 11480 ft!
open hand cafe and shop leh ladakh
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Nestled in one of the myriad valleys in Ladakh lies the peaceful town of Leh. At an altitude of 3500 meter above sea level or roughly 11480 ft the town is surrounded by some of the highest mountain ranges in the world. Snow capped peaks line the horizon on all sides of this desert landscape creating a surrealistic juxtaposition. In this remote part of the world water is sacred and so is all of life. The town and surrounding areas snow in for 7 months every year during which the town seems to hibernates and brace itself for cold weather of up to -30 degrees Celsius. Spring! Leh seems come back to life again beginning March, as if the purple lilies that grow in bunches along the streams inspire everyone to wake up as if from a deep sleep after the merciless winters and grow back into existence. Going up in Fort Road leads you to the Hotel Yaktail Crossing. On this crossing is the OpenHand Café & Shop Leh, Raku Complex. The café has a soft wooden interior and a deck that leads to the outside. Here our friendly staff serve weary travelers steaming hot cups of coffee, warm bakes and delightful meals. A must-stop for every traveler. OpenHand Café & Shop Leh, 7am to 9pm, Monday to Sunday, F3 Raku Complex, Fort Road, Leh, Jammu & kashmir